Welcome to my website – the living world as I see it.

It is intended as a step towards a more professional approach to my photography. I’ve done a great variety of things in my life and have always striven to work to professional standards. Sometimes I’ve succeeded, sometimes not, but that’s how I learn, and I’ve always loved learning.

I also love browsing online shops, and I intend to create the sort of shop which is interesting to visit even if you don’t find anything to buy. The Shop has just one shelf at present, but it’s a start.http://phototwynog.co.uk/shop

Possibly the most important element in this site is the Blog page. The posts listed under “This Wild Life” are of general interest. Those under “Shooting Eagles with a Canon” are specific to the trip which I am planning in May. It began life last year under the wing of Mr. Google, but things did not pan out as I hoped and it has morphed into something different here. To read about its origins click here: https://shootingeagles.blogspot.co.uk/

Comments of any sort are welcome, and unless I’m up a mountain somewhere with no signal, I will respond within one day.