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The Clash of Antlers

It’s a fine frosty morning, misty, and the cooler weather tips the trees from dull khaki towards those red and gold tints which shine in the low morning light. This has to be the day – probably my last chance … Continue reading

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Rewilding – cultural imperialism?

Thanks to Chris Robertson for sending me this link: As a lifelong greenie I am torn between a love of nature and a passionate desire to see a more natural landscape in Wales before I die, and anger at … Continue reading

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Trees for Life – some thoughts

I don’t blame you, the leaders of Trees for Life, for my problems on the tree planting week. I brought my demons with me. I certainly don’t regret doing it, and there were many positives. There were also some things … Continue reading

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The Last Day – Escape!

We’re back tree planting again but at a new location higher up in the mountains. It’s no more than half an hour’s walk to get to the small exclosure, but it’s wet and rough as usual.  I’m in a team … Continue reading

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The Wild Man and the Data

Day 5 Thursday 3 October  I am a wild man, tangled hair unwashed for 6 days; tea with milk just about to turn and slightly acidic; straight out of my bunk and into my clothes. Actually I’m cheating. It’s not … Continue reading

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