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A Family Drama

Today we had lunch in our conservatory – me, Thelma, Dave and Hannah. It was the first visit of a member of my family since lockdown, and I had made a complicated salad. The salad was disappointing, but the small … Continue reading

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I’m miles, kilometres, furlongs away from home! It’s a remote spot, a  full hour’s drive away from a home now too familiar.   At least it would be remote at most other times, but this is no ordinary week-end. For one … Continue reading

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Why I Changed to Sony

(Landscape with Sony A7iii and Sony 16-35 f 2.8 GM) In my last post I showed how a series of expensive accidents had led to a change in attitude and a change from Canon to Sony. Here I will explain … Continue reading

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Too Much Kit?

NERD ALERT –  This post is all about cameras and lenses. Don’t we just love all these gorgeous lenses and cameras the manufacturers keep tempting us with? What exquisite pleasure it is to take the first pictures with a new … Continue reading

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