A Fresh Start

This website was closed down in June. It was costing me £12 a month and hardly anyone was looking at it.  I wrote a “Last Post” but never posted it. Here it is now:

I’m very proud of this website. It took me a long time to learn how to make it work and a lot of effort getting it all looking good. Why then has it not changed for months and will shortly be closed down?

It was all part of a dream I had several years ago. I had by then become fairly proficient as a wild-life photographer and was getting a lot of pleasure from the whole process – getting the right kit, finding those special places where the special creatures are, getting close enough to photograph them, capturing some great pictures, editing them on the computer and then publishing them on a blog or on social media. I’ve always been driven by the urge to be professional in whatever I do, and having been self-employed for most of my life, that means getting paid. I decided I would set up a website with a “shop” to sell prints, and that whenever I met anyone on my travels I would give them a card with the website address. That way I would build up a list of subscribers and customers.

What could go wrong?

As anyone in the know could have told me, it wasn’t going to work. Without a colossal effort at self-promotion – a process I hate – nobody is going to buy prints online from someone they don’t know.

I tried another tack – Christmas markets. You can read about how that went here: http://phototwynog.co.uk/christmas-markets-absolute-masochism

It took me months of painful re-assessment before I was ready to make the big decision:

I am not going to try to sell pictures. Photography will be my hobby.

That may not sound such a big deal, but I’ve never had a hobby. Whatever I have done up to now – and that covers a very wide field from woodwork to performing and promoting music, to house building, to writing and now photography – whatever I do I treat as work or research for a project.

It was a truly painful decision, and the ramifications are ongoing. Having finally decided to close the website, I hope I will now find a way forward with images  which is meaningful and satisfying. One big change is that I am now learning video production, and will shortly launch my first video about my trip a few days ago to the Farne Islands.

Meanwhile, those few select few of you who have enjoyed my posts here will be able to keep up to date on a free WordPress blog site which I am about to set up.

Please keep in touch. We all need that connection to other people or we wither.

The free WordPress site was a horror. You are severely restricted in what can be done with it, and after the sophistication of a paid site I couldn’t cope with it. Now, after much help from the nice people at 1&1IONOS here it is again in a simplified form. Having decided to use the most complicated and professional video editor (Media Composer) my video production is not yet ready for the internet, but I have a new travel project next month, and the next post will tell all. I also plan to make regular posts about my volunteer job at Dinefwr Park here in Carmarthenshire, but I’m waiting for some guidelines from the National Trust staff I report to.

For those of you still subscribed, welcome back. Can I really wind up my self-confidence enough to promote this site across the social media? With encouragement I hope I can.

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3 Responses to A Fresh Start

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m still working on getting things in the right places, do please be patient if it doesn’t work properly!

  2. Jean Hughes says:

    Hi Dick,
    I thoroughly enjoy looking at your photography skills that bring superb stills, and now soon, videos of wild life in their glory, to us sat in front of our computers.
    Dal ati! Stick at it! Success and satisfaction with projects doesn’t come easy and some days we’re pleased with our efforts and others we are disgruntled. I’ve never come across a gruntled person yet!!
    Good luck with your new site, a phob lwc!! Jean xxx


    Thanks Jean – much appreciated. With any luck I will soon become me rather than anonymous!

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