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A Difficult Question

Here’s a question for my younger friends: “Would you vote for someone who promised drastically to reduce your standard of living?” I began this some days ago, prompted by seeing dear old David Attenborough jerking his arms up and down … Continue reading

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Christmas Markets – absolute masochism!

If you are a connoisseur of the most exquisite forms of tedium then I recommend 6 hours at a market stall in winter. I’ve never known time go so slowly. The bits that just about made it worthwhile were those … Continue reading

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Christmas Market

I’m no stranger to selling things – it’s what I’ve been doing most of my adult life; that and making things and organising things and selling tickets and . . .too many other ways of earning my keep. Yet in … Continue reading

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Wildlife Blogger of the Year

I’ve entered an adapted version of “The Rutting Season” in this competition run by Terra Incognita: The main prize is awarded by a team of judges, but there is also a “Readers’ Choice” in which anyone can vote for one … Continue reading

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The Red Kite Challenge

  So, just between me and me, I  think I know about this wildlife photography business do I? (How’s that for pronouns!) Well, I thought I was certainly getting there, but I’ve been selecting a few shots to print and … Continue reading

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