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Seabirds and Potatoes 2: Skomer

      At 3 am the next day, Friday 12 April, I woke with a headache and with the knowledge that I wasn’t going back to sleep – hours of tedium and breakfast in the dark.  I very rarely … Continue reading

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Seabirds and Potatoes 1: Martin’s Haven

       The headland beyond Martin’s Haven in the far west of Pembrokeshire, is called the Deer Park. There is a stone wall across the isthmus, built  to keep the deer enclosed, but where there was once a tall grand gate … Continue reading

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The hidden worlds of nature

They continue to elude me, those hidden worlds, and particularly those of birds. This year’s big resolution was to spend as much time as I could in this locality (the Towy Valley, Carmarthenshire) to really get to know its non-human … Continue reading

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A Difficult Month

At the end of a personally difficult and frustrating month, the weather gets silly. Well, it’s been a silly year in politics so why shouldn’t the weather join in? Does a few days of summer in February tell us anything? … Continue reading

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The Otter Bus

Every time I enter the Kingfisher Hide on the little Oxbow lake at Dinefwr Park I wonder if I will be lucky enough to see an otter again. I try to manage my weekly patrol of the Deer Park boundary … Continue reading

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