Breakfast at Sunrise

Today, soon after 6,  and for the first time this year I had my breakfast in the conservatory. It felt particularly special this year because this winter has been bad for me. It’s been a long struggle with persistent locked-in nervous tension. Weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and embark on a course of psychotherapy. I now feel I am some way down the road towards a grateful acceptance of the life I have instead of a constant striving for something better.

This simple ritual is part of that journey. (Forgive the cliché; it’s the right word, but it has been over-used by the media.) 

From where I sit with my healthy cereals and my inspiring book, I can see a Red Kite’s nest. It’s that darker blob in the tree to the left of the door frame. For weeks we have been able to watch the birds sitting and occasionally changing places. Soon it will be hidden by leaves  but a couple of weeks ago I got some nice pictures of the two birds. The male, on the left, has just brought in some meat and the female has left the nest to beg it from him. 

The book is “The Four Pillar Plan” by Rangan Chatterjee. It came  highly recommended by my doctor and I pass on that recommendation. The stillness bit I find hard, but this is pretty close:

As I sit watching, the second kite appears, circling round the trees. Close by in the garden a Chiffchaff is gathering nest materials. What joy: this tiny bird has flown thousands of miles to make a nest in our garden!

On the window ledge my seeds are sprouting – squashes and lupins.

Today we are off to Bristol: one night in a posh hotel as a birthday treat for Thelma, the second with two dear friends. After that I’m heading north, to Humberside. It’s part of the plan to de-clutter my life, and I will try to make the time to write about it from there.

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