Islands and Trees – Scotland 2019

For months now I have been planning another trip to Scotland. This time it will be in September because I have undertaken to do a week’s work for this organisation:  So far all I know is that I will be staying in some sort of hostel at or near Athnamulloch in Glen Affric:And will probably be planting trees.

I became interested in them because on my two previous trips to the area I had got to know the next valley to the south where Iain and Sacha Pocock live at Cougie. I had seen the inspiring changes which were happening all round them as huge areas of bare land had been fenced off, thousands of deer culled and the natural forest and wildlife allowed to return.

It seems to me that all around the world people are waking up to the horrors which have been perpetrated on our environment by human arrogance, ignorance, and our bloated populations, and they are working against the clock to try to halt the process. Of course this needs political action, but the chances of the leaders of the world coming together to do something serious still seem remote, and at age 74 I don’t feel there is much I can do to change this. I can however, in this small way, do the most effective thing I can think of to heal the climate and our souls: give nature a chance to fight back. Will I feel it has been worthwhile? We shall see.

Before I get there in late September, I will be spending two weeks exploring in greater depth the island of Eigg which I visited briefly last year, and the even smaller island of Canna. There are posts in the archives of my time on Eigg, this one for example:

I’ll post more details as I learn them!

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