We are fortunate to have such a comprehensive camera shop in Carmarthenshire. Their stock is phenomenal. There are always several members of staff on hand and there is no limit to the time given to advising customers. I do sometimes go there and say something like “I’m not in a position to buy anything today but…”,  knowing that their advice will still be freely given – although I do try to buy enough from them to justify at least some of the time they spend with me. They also have an annual show in September when representatives from the photo companies, including the big ones, are on hand to give advice and discounts.

My daughter Hannah designs, makes and sells a wonderfully quirky range of ceramics. Birds feature prominently – I wonder where she got that from! This is her website:

I’m indebted to Mike Atkinson for his technical advice. I did send an email to him once but didn’t get a reply. This is by way of a thank-you for his useful advice.

Our village website is run by a small committee, of which I am a member, and which includes two other keen Canon photographers, both of whom, Chris and Will, have been very helpful to me along the way.