Oxbow Otter

Most weeks in the last year I’ve spent an hour in the Kingfisher Hide at Dinefwr Park. Usually I have my lunch there – a sandwich and a flask of coffee. I record what I see and last year  on 21st May I wrote this: 

Kingfisher Hide

12:00 Warmer – sun

12:05 2 herons, otter fishing among the water lilies

12:15 Otter appears again but dives when it seem me. Jay flying west

12:25 Redstart clearly feeding young – probable nest on the far bank. He works a circuit, frequently picking insects from the lily pads.

12:45 Jay very close.

13:00 left

Since then I’ve always been hoping to see an otter again, and determined that if I did I would not miss the chance to get a picture. At last it came together this week. The low winter light was directly behind the otter which was difficult, but I’m happy with the results.