I’m looking back with pleasure to a challenge completed. The eagles have been shot and are none the worse for the experience. I met lots of interesting people, saw and experienced some fantastic places and shot hundreds of pictures. The only disappointment was that so few people followed my website. This, I now discover, was partly due to a technical hitch which has now been sorted, so if you would like to keep in touch, please try again with the subscribe button on the home page . In the coming months I will be keeping records of interesting wildlife, landscapes and people and working on a selection of goods and services for sale at really attractive prices.

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5 Responses to Postscript

  1. Peter Twyman says:

    I was following you with interest. We’re you aware of that?

    • twynog1 says:

      Yes, but most of the people I thought were following were excluded. Thanks for your support, and for showing me your bit of Oban.

  2. Adrian Tuck says:

    Hiya Dick. I’m not big on commenting but am a regular visitor and avidly follow your various activities. This is just to let you know I’m here😂😂

  3. Peter says:

    I haven’t quite worked out how to leave a comment that isn’t a response to something else. But I want to comment on your remarkable picture of the week – the spotted flycatcher. The clearest bit of the picture is that poor fly! Nature red in tooth and claw. Raptors have no compassion that we are aware of. They’ll eat us alive if they can… I tend to think of eagles or sharks as emotionless. They just want to eat. But when a cat is playing with a mouse is it enjoying its suffering? We can certainly see animals looking as if they’re enjoying themselves – dogs chasing sticks, otters on a slide and so on. So maybe they also have the capacity to have sadistic pleasure. But maybe not the flycatcher.

    • twynog1 says:

      It’s difficult to be sure, but it seems to me that all warm-blooded predators enjoy the chase, and that of course includes us. We know that some humans get pleasure from inflicting pain on others or on other creatures, so it’s not difficult to extend that to animals. Chimpanzees have been observed torturing other chimps. In general the more I learn about animal behaviour, the closer they seem to us. How much do animals differ within the species? Are some chimps more cruel than others? Are some cats disgusted by the cruelty of other cats?

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