Rewilding – cultural imperialism?

Thanks to Chris Robertson for sending me this link:

As a lifelong greenie I am torn between a love of nature and a passionate desire to see a more natural landscape in Wales before I die, and anger at the insensitivity of so many radicals in the environmental movement. This is especially important at a time when Britain is riven by such a divisive, and in the long run, irrelevant issue as Brexit. How can we hope to persuade the majority that restoring bio-diversity is our best hope for the future if we antagonise the very people who are best placed to do something about it – local farmers. 

We’ve seen the same problem with Extinction Rebellion in London. The people who make the headlines are not the thousands of normal sensible people driven to demonstrate by their fear for our future, but the outlandish costumes and silly behaviour of the loonie left fringe. Result – the entire movement takes a step backwards. 

What I would love to see is an informed discussion amongst the farming community in Wales about sustainable farming. Any takers?

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