The Wandering Gypsy

Wednesday 16 May

I’m sitting at the little porch of the converted shepherd’s hut or gypsy vardo which is parked by the bunkhouse and used as overspill accommodation. I’ll be here for the next 2 nights. The view is hard to beat – 4 very relaxed looking grey-lag geese, a few birches and some rough grass leading down to the rocks and the low-tide only beach of Kinloch Although it is equipped for power and water, they are not connected, so I’ll still be using the bunkhouse for meals and washing. The conversion is strong on visual appeal, but very short of storage space. It has a little solid fuel stove, a fridge full of non-perishable food, a two ring camping gas hob and a bit of space for crocks pans and cutlery. There is a large drawer under the bed, but when I tried to pull it out it jammed and now I can’t push it back in again. I itch to get my hands on it and make the conversion  work better!

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