Wildlife Blogger of the Year, Part 2

(This is a picture from my entry: The Running of the Deer)

Could I be the “Wildlife Blogger of the Year”? Short of a sudden influx of 400 odd friends to vote for me, I’m certainly not going to win the “Readers’ Choice” part of the competition, but the great thing about this is that simply being a part of it is enlightening.  Readers Choice

I have been spending some time trawling through the 90 other entries. It’s a bewildering experience. There is a hefty gap between my world and theirs, and it’s not just of age or opportunity. Here’s an example: I look at my second  sentence in this paragraph and decide that “bewildering” actually means something similar to “re-wilding”. Do you see what I mean? I’m a tad obsessive about language and words. However, most of the entrants I’m competing with are not, and for very good reasons. They are obsessed with saving wildlife. Most are also much younger than me and it’s heartening to see that there are so many young people out there who care so much about our vanishing wildlife that they devote their lives to the cause.

I’m going to take a few random examples to give you a taste of what is going on.

The piece I voted for is frightening and the excellent pictures capture in vivid detail one of the horrors of nature up close:https://www.terra-incognita.travel/2018/where-dragons-roam-the-earth-by-david-rigden

Another category of horror is how humans abuse wild creatures for money – vividly expressed by, among others, Jess Murray: https://www.terra-incognita.travel/2018/the-truth-behind-my-lion-selfie-by-jess-murray

Many of the pieces are from the tropics, where the writers are celebrating a magical moment, frequently in the context of an organised trip. This one in contrast is an honest account of being in a cold  place with cold and difficult people, but ends with a song: https://www.terra-incognita.travel/2018/communication-by-meike-becker

Lastly, a fascinating account of the local politics of a little known country: Liberia https://www.terra-incognita.travel/2018/the-wildlife-tragedy-of-swen-town-by-anthonette-quayee

The judging takes place at the turn of the year, but there is still time to vote for me:The Running of the Deer



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  1. Suz says:

    Interesting to see your views on this competition and I like your feeling of rewilding. I think everyone has their own style of writing on their own blogs as well as their own reasons for blogging. Does it detract from their experiences and the messages they are trying to convey if they do use clichés? You also pick up on some descriptive writing (I hope the author doesn’t read your views on their efforts and get upset!). I love to read writing that takes me to the place and shows how the writer felt in the moment. A wildlife blog can be descriptive and evocative as well as factual… Good luck in the final judging process, your blog has some really interesting articles.

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