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An Alien in the Park

“We have a situation” was how the ever laid-back Rhodri described the infiltration of a different species among the Fallow Deer of Parc Dinefwr. The alien was a Red Deer Stag. He could be dangerous to visitors. He could be … Continue reading

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Angry Old Man

What changes a grumpy old man into an angry old man? Is it simply age or is there something else going on? These are some of the things which happen as we get closer to that severely malnourished character with … Continue reading

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Wildlife Blogger of the Year, Part 2

(This is a picture from my entry: The Running of the Deer) Could I be the “Wildlife Blogger of the Year”? Short of a sudden influx of 400 odd friends to vote for me, I’m certainly not going to win … Continue reading

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A Difficult Question

Here’s a question for my younger friends: “Would you vote for someone who promised drastically to reduce your standard of living?” I began this some days ago, prompted by seeing dear old David Attenborough jerking his arms up and down … Continue reading

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Christmas Markets – absolute masochism!

If you are a connoisseur of the most exquisite forms of tedium then I recommend 6 hours at a market stall in winter. I’ve never known time go so slowly. The bits that just about made it worthwhile were those … Continue reading

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