Am I a coffee adict?

Ahhh – that sigh of well-being as I sluice a precious mouthful of my favourite deep black brew round my mouth and swallow, rejoicing in the slightly bitter after-taste and the caffeine high. My coffee is strong. I use two 15 gram scoops of beans finely ground for my morning brew – one of the scoops being de-caff. This is the equivalent of 2 double espressos. The mug by the way is from a business I have no qualms about plugging:

My gadget of choice is the Aeropress This is fiddly to use. There are six bits of it and several different ways of brewing. In the normal way you put a 50mm diameter paper filter into the filter holder and screw it on to the body. Having warmed your cup and loaded the body with your favourite grounds,  you then pour on no more than 200ml of hot but not boiling water, fit the plunger into the body and press down until you hit the now compressed grounds which can then be ejected in a “puck”.

Do I drink too much of it? Well, I have this quadruple dose for breakfast, a double after lunch and another after our early evening meal. For some obscure reason I prefer instant with milk at other times – mainly mid-morning. Too much? Probably, but what about alcohol?

Ahhh – that sigh of well-being as I sluice a precious mouthful of this tuff round my teeth and swallow, savouring its . . . No. I can’t do all that wine buff stuff. This is what it says on the bottle: “A riot of mouth-watering gooseberry, lime zest and vibrant passion fruit flavours..” Let’s just say that it adds enormously to the pleasure of eating a decent meal, and so does my more usual box red – a hefty Merlot or similar. I do sometimes have an alcohol-free day, but not enough of them. A caffeine free day? What’s that? For 6 of the week-days I will drink one or two normal-size glasses of wine or equivalent, and only before or during our evening meal. The latter part of the seventh evening is usually spent in the pub a short walk up the road.

Pleasure versus addiction – isn’t that the nub of the matter? The test for addiction is “can you do without it?” This is where it gets tricky. I am in no doubt that if I banished both these pleasures I would be healthier. The question is, would life be as enjoyable? If I could still hope for another 20 or 30 more years of good living then I might be worried, but I don’t expect, or even want, much more than 10 years now and I am determined to get as much enjoyment from those years as I can, consistent with helping my friends and caring for those I love. 

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2 Responses to Am I a coffee adict?

  1. Peter Twyman says:

    Very uplifting. A lifestyle impossible for me as I have more or less no routines and am not a creature of habit. Would life be more enjoyable if I had routines and habits? I have no way of knowing as I cannot even imagine what it would feel like to lead such a well ordered life!

    • twynog1 says:

      Routines and habits . . . sounds like a good subject for the next post!

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