Bubbles in Dinan

One of the joys of photography is to discover something in a picture which you didn’t see when you pressed the shutter.

The boss and I are in Brittany for a week, staying in a beautifully converted ground floor flat in the centre of Dinan. A few hundred metres away are the remains of the old city walls, and in a long section of the old moat a remarkable little festival was taking place. It’s called “L’Enfant Dans la Ville”. There were dozens of activities stalls  but no IT in sight. Instead they were encouraged to have a go at rock climbing, zip wire, archery, making paper hats, rope walking, target shooting, sword fighting, giant chess, bouncy castles, riding a plastic bronco, climbing the mast of a sailing ship, taking part in live table football with real children as the footballers, and wrestling in huge padded costumes – All a perfect antidote to those addictive screens.

Blowing bubbles seemed pretty tame after all that, and the bubble machine blowing out a cloud of little bubbles was fun but not unusual. However, there was just the right amount of wind to create, using poles with rope, the biggest bubbles I’ve ever seen, and with a dark woodland background they looked perfect.

The watchers, young and old, were entranced. Here you can see the bubble being created: the moment where the surface tension gave way (the boy’s right hand had touched it), and then the inevitable dispersal into water droplets. One second it is there and the next it is gone; a model of ephemeral art.


It was not until I started editing the pictures that I could blow up the reflections inside these wonderful creations. This feels like a new kind of surrealist art.

The bubble pictures were taken with Sony’s A7R4 69 megapixel camera with their 135mm f1.8 lens at 1/640s f5 and ISO 50, the others with a Samyang 35mm f1.8. There are more bubble pictures here:  Bubbles – Richard S Turner PhotographyRichard S Turner Photography (phototwynog.co.uk)

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