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How Welsh do I feel? Some thoughts for “Dydd Dewi Sant” The day of St David.

For the first time since moving to Wales from the West of England 23 years ago,  I am questioning whether or not I feel “Welsh”. What does it mean to feel that you belong in a particular culture, and especially … Continue reading

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Going Vegan – another ism?

Having spent part of last week-end in an amiable argument with my daughter about her decision to cut out all animal foods from her diet, I decided to watch “Food Unwrapped Goes Vegan” on Chanel 4. I was shocked. Even … Continue reading

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Is Eco-tourism good for the environment?

This piece was prompted by a brief debate on the Facebook Group of “Terra Incognita” an organisation promoting eco-tourism. This is from Meike Becker. . . . . I really found it hard to justify the passion for traveling … Continue reading

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Rewilding – cultural imperialism?

Thanks to Chris Robertson for sending me this link: As a lifelong greenie I am torn between a love of nature and a passionate desire to see a more natural landscape in Wales before I die, and anger at … Continue reading

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Demarchy or Lottocracy

I apologise for this sudden glut of posts after a long period of silence. It’s mostly to do with mood and the creative spark, both being unpredictable. I was delighted to find this article yesterday. It’s published by Aeon Magazine  … Continue reading

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